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Torstaina 14.3.2024 klo 10.30 TallinkSiljan MyStar suuntaa keulansa kohti Tallinnaa mukanaan innostunut seminaarijoukkomme. Täältä tullaan — valokuidussa on turvallisuutta ja varmuutta!

Toisen vierailumme isäntä on 3KGroup. Pääsemme tutustumaan paitsi heidän toimintaansa, myös Plume-konseptiin.

Tässä lyhyt 3KGroupin esittely englanniksi ja lisää:

-> About 3KGroup: Established in 1997, 3KGroup is a top Value Added Distributor (VAD) specializing in cutting-edge wireless tech like WiFi, 60-80GHz mmW radio links, IoT, and 5G. With 26+ years of experience across Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, we’re experts in the wireless and telecom industry.

-> 3KGroup has supported over 1000 WLAN and PtP radiolink projects and deployed 350+ temporary event WiFi solutions. Partnering with 3KGroup means access to world-class WiFi products and insights translated into business cases. The 3K team offers close collaboration, support, training, and the latest updates for superior customer satisfaction.

-> 3KGroup product portfolio includes Ruckus Networks for enterprise WiFi and Plume software suites, along with various OpenSync capable hardware for homes and small businesses.

-> About Plume: Plume offers a SaaS-based platform for CSPs, enabling rapid delivery of new services at scale. With AI-powered Adaptive WiFi and value-added services like cybersecurity and motion detection, Plume ensures an unparalleled user experience.

-> Joint Vision: We aim to enhance customer experiences through tight collaborations, leveraging innovative WiFi tools like Plume to maximize WAN technologies’ potential. Our goal is to help CSPs deliver superior internet experiences over WiFi continuously, reducing costs and promoting sustainability.